Walking Around Hatsudai 初台


Hatsudai is a town behind the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, a 15-minute walk from Shinjuku. Headquartered by major telecommunications companies and beverage manufacturers, Hatsudai is lined with art facilities such as the New National Theatre, Tokyo Opera City, and has a unique atmosphere where art and business intersect. While the stylish and inorganic image given by the scenery of the elevated roads, it still has a downtown atmosphere that makes it easy to live. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Hatsudai 1
Hatsudai 2
Hatsudai 3
Hatsudai 4
Hatsudai 5
Hatsudai 6
Hatsudai 7
Hatsudai 8
Hatsudai 9
Hatsudai 10
Hatsudai 11
Hatsudai 12
YouTube – Walking Around Hatsudai




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