Walking Around Shakujii-Koen 石神井公園

2022/01/09   -Walking

The area around Shakujii-Koen Station is a family-friendly commuter town where you can feel nature. …

Walking Around Tokyo (Hibiya) 日比谷

2022/01/07   -Walking

Hibiya is undergoing redevelopment and has become a new trendy destination for Tokyo Midtown Hibiya …

Walking Around Oizumi-Gakuen 大泉学園

2022/01/05   -Walking

Oizumi-Gakuen is said to be the birthplace of Japanese animation. Even now, I strongly feel the exis …

Walking Around Ginza 銀座

2022/01/03   -Walking

Ginza is one of the most popular downtown areas in Japan, but you can also feel the atmosphere of do …

Walking Around Asakusa 浅草

2022/01/01   -Walking

Asakusa is the number one tourist destination in Tokyo where you can enjoy a walk, and it is also po …

Walking Around Nishi-Shinjuku 西新宿

2021/12/30   -Walking

Nishi-Shinjuku Station faces the northern end of a skyscraper. Buildings such as Tokyo Medical Unive …

Walking Around Sendagaya 千駄ヶ谷

2021/12/28   -Walking

The characteristic of Sendagaya is that it is surrounded by greenery even though it is located in th …

Walking Around Ochanomizu 御茶ノ水

2021/12/26   -Walking

The area around Ochanomizu Station is a city where modern buildings such as historic buildings, univ …

Walking Around Roppongi 六本木

2021/12/24   -Walking

Roppongi is lined with countless bars and restaurants, large commercial facilities such as Roppongi …

Walking Around Omote-Sando 表参道

2021/12/22   -Walking

Omote-Sando is known as the epidemic epidemic. It is a lively area where miscellaneous goods, appare …


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