Walking Around Shiodome 汐留

2021/11/30   -Walking

Shiodome has become a business hub city due to urban development. Not only does it have headquarters …

Walking Around Higashi-Koenji 東高円寺

2021/11/28   -Walking

The Ome Kaido runs in front of Higashi-Koenji Station, and there are many car enthusiasts. However, …

Walking Around Higashi-Murayama 東村山

2021/11/26   -Walking

Higashi-Murayama is a city where the daytime population is about 30,000 less than the nighttime popu …

Walking Around Takadanobaba 高田馬場

2021/11/24   -Walking

There are many universities and vocational schools around Takadanobaba Station. Therefore, there are …

Walking Around Kodaira 小平

2021/11/22   -Walking

Kodaira City is known as a school city with seven universities, numerous vocational schools and priv …

Walking Around Ochiai 落合

2021/11/20   -Walking

Around Ochiai Station, shops are gathered along the main street. There is no station building or sho …

Walking Around Ayase 綾瀬

2021/11/18   -Walking

There are many fast food restaurants and izakaya around Ayase Station, but there are few unique cafe …

Walking Around Koenji 高円寺

2021/11/14   -Walking

Koenji retains the old-fashioned cityscape, and the shopping district is also full of energy. Not on …

Walking Around Kanamachi 金町

2021/11/12   -Walking

Around Kanamachi Station, there are many shopping streets, and in addition to shopping facilities su …

Walking Around Ueno 上野

2021/11/10   -Walking

Ueno is the point where both Yamate and Shitamachi coexist. The Yamate area is centered on Ueno Onsh …


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