Walking Around Takadanobaba 高田馬場


There are many universities and vocational schools around Takadanobaba Station. Therefore, there are many restaurants and bars in front of the station that students may like. It is also an area with many foreign restaurants. Especially since there are many Burmese people, Myanmar restaurants stand out. Besides, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Italy, Mexico and many others. It is a city where restaurants from all over the world gather. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Takadanobaba 1
Takadanobaba 2
Takadanobaba 3
Takadanobaba 4
Takadanobaba 5
Takadanobaba 6
Takadanobaba 7
Takadanobaba 8
Takadanobaba 9
Takadanobaba 10
Takadanobaba 11
Takadanobaba 12
Takadanobaba 13
YouTube – Walking Takadanobaba




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