Walking Around Tokyo (Hibiya) 日比谷


Hibiya is undergoing redevelopment and has become a new trendy destination for Tokyo Midtown Hibiya (Large Commercial Facility) and Hibiya Gourmet Zone (Fashionable Restaurant District). It is crowded with people on weekdays and holidays. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Hibiya 1
Hibiya 2
Hibiya 3
Hibiya 4
Hibiya 5
Hibiya 6
Hibiya 7
Hibiya 8
Hibiya 9
Hibiya 10
Hibiya 11
Hibiya 12
Hibiya 13
Hibiya 14
Hibiya 15
Hibiya 16
Hibiya 17
Hibiya 18
Hibiya 19
YouTube – Walking Around Hibiya




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