Walking Around Oizumi-Gakuen 大泉学園


Oizumi-Gakuen is said to be the birthplace of Japanese animation. Even now, I strongly feel the existence of subculture, such as “Toei Tokyo Studios” and “Toei Animation”. The abundance and livability of the land, which has been loved by many celebrities for a long time, is still alive and well in a way that is close to the times while gradually changing its shape. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Oizumi-Gakuen 1
Oizumi-Gakuen 2
Oizumi-Gakuen 3
Oizumi-Gakuen 4
Oizumi-Gakuen 5
Oizumi-Gakuen 6
Oizumi-Gakuen 7
Oizumi-Gakuen 8
YouTube – Walking Around Oizumi-Gakuen




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