Walking Around Shakujii-Koen 石神井公園


The area around Shakujii-Koen Station is a family-friendly commuter town where you can feel nature. Since there are shopping streets and station buildings, most of the things you need for daily life are available around the station. In residential areas, there are many detached houses and low-rise condominiums for families. There are few tall buildings such as tower apartments. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Shakujii-Koen 1
Shakujii-Koen 2
Shakujii-Koen 3
Shakujii-Koen 4
Shakujii-Koen 5
Shakujii-Koen 6
Shakujii-Koen 7
Shakujii-Koen 8
Shakujii-Koen 9
Shakujii-Koen 10
YouTube – Walking Around Shakujii-Koen




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