Walking Around Nakameguro 中目黒

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In Nakameguro, the Meguro River runs along Yamate Dori. A row of cherry blossom trees is maintained along the river, especially from Nakameguro to Ikejiri Ohashi Station, and it is crowded with many people during the cherry blossom season. In recent years, the number of shops such as cafes, fashion, and miscellaneous goods has increased along the river. Although the stores are relatively small, the owners and store managers are young and ambitious, and many of them are unique, but due to the ease of migration from Daikanyama, the tendency is becoming similar to that of Daikanyama in recent years. Due to the small number of properties that can be used as stores, rents are rising, and the number of stores opened by companies with physical strength is gradually increasing. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Nakameguro 1
Nakameguro 2
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YouTube – Walking Around Nakameguro




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