Tokyo Night Drive 2  東京ナイトドライブ2 

2020/08/18   -Drive

I had an evening drive in Tokyo. Starting from Otemachi, an office district, I passed through Roppon …

Walking Around Harajyuku 原宿

2020/08/17   -Walking

Harajuku is known as one of Tokyo’s leading fashion and fashion destinations. There are also m …

Tokyo Train Window Scenery  ゆりかもめ

2020/08/15   -Other

Yurikamome is an automatic guided rail passenger system (AGT) route operated by Yurikamome Co., Ltd. …

Walking Around Ikebukuro 池袋

2020/08/13   -Walking

In Ikebukuro, a large downtown area spreads around the station, and huge department stores, specialt …

Walking Around Shin-Okubo 新大久保

2020/08/11   -Walking

Shin-Okubo is an international city with many 24-hour stores. Korean shops are popular with young pe …

Walking Around Shinjyuku 新宿

2020/08/10   -Walking

Shinjuku is a downtown, entertainment district, and office district centering on stations, and is on …

Walking Around Asakusa – Night 浅草

2020/08/10   -Walking

Asakusa is a downtown area and a tourist destination as a temple town of Sensoji Temple. As a touris …

Walking Around Ueno 上野

2020/08/10   -Walking

The area centered around Ueno Station is a downtown area where department stores and restaurants gat …

Walking Around Shibuya 渋谷

2020/08/10   -Walking

I took a walk in Shibuya at noon. A large downtown area spreads out in front of Shibuya Station and …

Tokyo Night Drive 1 東京ナイトドライブ1 

2020/08/10   -Drive

I drove through Tokyo at night. I started Odaiba, looked up at Tokyo Tower, passed the shopping stre …


A man who travels to Tokyo while living in Tokyo. 東京に住みながら東京を旅する男性です。

Tokyo Adventure Life

This blog introduces everyday life in Tokyo while taking a walk or driving. このブログは、東京の日常を散歩やドライブしながら紹介しています。