Walking Around Shin-Okubo 新大久保

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Shin-Okubo is an international city with many 24-hour stores. Korean shops are popular with young people, but recently, Shin-Okubo has become more multinational. On the west side of the station, there is a corner called “Islamic Yokocho” where halal shops, Turkish restaurants, Nepalese restaurants, etc. gather. Also on the west side of the station, between the JR Chuo and Sobu line “Okubo” station, it has become a Chinatown, and further south, the area called “Ichibangai” gathers restaurants such as Vietnam and Thailand. In a sense, Shin-Okubo is one of the most cutting-edge cities that has become the most globalized in Tokyo. The situation at that time is introduced on the Youtube channel.

Shin-Okubo 1
Shin-Okubo 2
Shin-Okubo 3
Shin-Okubo 4
Shin-Okubo 5
Shin-Okubo 6
Shin-Okubo 7
Youtube – Walking Around Shin-Okubo




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