Walking Around Yotsuya 四ツ谷


Yotsuya is a lush green environment with parks and roadside trees, with a beautiful cityscape despite the city center. In addition, there are Sophia University and famous private schools, and it is an area with high educational awareness. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Yotsuya 1
Yotsuya 2
Yotsuya 3
Yotsuya 4
Yotsuya 5
Yotsuya 6
Yotsuya 7
Yotsuya 8
Yotsuya 9
Yotsuya 10
Yotsuya 11
Yotsuya 12
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Yotsuya 14
Yotsuya 15
YouTube – Walking Around Yotsuya




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