Walking Around Suidobashi 水道橋

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At Suidobashi, there is the “Tokyo Dome” where many fans gather as a sacred place for baseball. It is the home ground of the Yomiuri Giants, a professional baseball team, and is too famous as a sanctuary for Giants fans. Baseball is not the only thing that is played. Concerts by major artists from Japan and around the world, notable exhibitions, and various local events are being held all the time, and it is crowded with many people. You can enjoy the day with the nearby spa and amusement. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Suidobashi 1
Suidobashi 2
Suidobashi 3
Suidobashi 4
Suidobashi 5
Suidobashi 6
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Suidobashi 8
Suidobashi 9
YouTube – Walking Around Suidobashi




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