Walking Around Minami-Sunamachi 南砂町


Minami-Sunamachi is a quiet residential area that is convenient for shopping. The bed town is lined with condominiums, but there are plenty of shopping malls such as “Sunamo,” “Aeon,” and “Ario,” so you won’t have any trouble shopping! Shopping is not a problem, but the number of restaurants is a little small, so people who eat out may get bored. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Minami-Sunamachi 1
Minami-Sunamachi 2
Minami-Sunamachi 3
Minami-Sunamachi 4
Minami-Sunamachi 5
Minami-Sunamachi 6
Minami-Sunamachi 7
Minami-Sunamachi 8
Minami-Sunamachi 9
YouTube – Walking Around Minami-Sunamachi




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