Walking Around Imperial Palace 皇居

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Imperial Palace is the normal residence of the Japanese emperor. Currently, the area around the Edo Castle Ruins is called the Imperial Palace. There are “Gosho”, which is the emperor’s normal residence, “Palace”, which is a place for various public events and affairs, and the Imperial Household Agency. The area around the Imperial Palace is about 5km long, there are no traffic lights on the sidewalk, and you can enjoy the scenery of forests, roadside trees and moats, making it an easy running course. The height difference is about 26 meters. It can run widely from beginners to advanced runners. The situation at that time is introduced on the Youtube channel.

Imperial Palace 1
Imperial Palace 2
Imperial Palace 3
Imperial Palace 4
Imperial Palace 5
Imperial Palace 6
Imperial Palace 7
Imperial Palace 8
Imperial Palace 9
YouTube – Walking Around Imperial Palace




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