Walking Around Takasago 高砂

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Keisei Takasago Station of Keisei Electric Railway in the center of the town area is a ground station that functions as a terminal where the Keisei Main Line, Hokuso Railway, and Keisei Kanamachi Line branch off. Shops are lined up in front of the station, but the town area is mainly used as a residential area. In addition, there is a level crossing near Keisei Takasago Station, and the traffic of people and cars is often obstructed by railroad crossings with heavy train traffic. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Takasago 1
Takasago 2
Takasago 3
Takasago 4
Takasago 5
Takasago 6
Takasago 7
YouTube – Walking Around Takasago




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