Walking Around Shin-Okubo – Night 新大久保

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Shin-Okubo is popular with women as a Korean town in Tokyo where you can feel Korea close to you. Not only delicious Korean food, but also cosmetics and clothes that make you feel like you are really in Korea. Shin-Okubo is a mixture of Korean and multinational cultures, so it’s a lot of fun just to take a walk. The situation at that time is introduced on the Youtube channel.

Shin-Okubo 1
Shin-Okubo 2
Shin-Okubo 3
Shin-Okubo 4
Shin-Okubo 5
Shin-Okubo 6
Shin-Okubo 7
Shin-Okubo 8
Shin-Okubo 9
Shin-Okubo 10
YouTube – Walking Around Shin-Okubo




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