Walking Around Tsukishima – Night 月島

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Tsukishima is famous for monjayaki, and okonomiyaki is also on sale. A different kind of okonomiyaki was developed from the standard okonomiyaki (red pickled ginger, sakura shrimp, cut squid) that was eaten in Tsukishima before the war. There are more than 70 okonomiyaki restaurants in the shopping street (Tsukishima Nishinaka-dori shopping street: also known as “Monja Street”) located from Kiyosumi-dori to the Sumida River. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Tsukishima 1
Tsukishima 2
Tsukishima 3
Tsukishima 4
Tsukishima 5
YouTube – Walking Around Tsukishima – Night




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