Walking Around Ikebukuro 池袋


Ikebukuro Station is a huge terminal that boasts the second largest number of users in JR East and the first in Tokyo Metro. In front of the station, there is a wide range of downtown areas such as entertainment districts and office districts, and the Seibu Department Store and Tobu Department Store, which boast one of the largest scale and sales in Japan, are directly connected to the left and right of the station. The Situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Ikebukuro 1
Ikebukuro 2
Ikebukuro 3
Ikebukuro 4
Ikebukuro 5
Ikebukuro 6
Ikebukuro 7
Ikebukuro 8
Ikebukuro 9
Ikebukuro 10
Ikebukuro 11
YouTube – Walking Around Ikebukuro




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