Walking Around Kudanshita 九段下


Not only are there many offices around Kudanshita Station, but it is also a tourist area where you can find some of Tokyo’s leading spots, including the Imperial Palace, Yasukuni Shrine, Nippon Budokan, Kitanomaru Park, and Chidorigafuchi Park. In particular, the Yasukuni Shrine during the year-end and New Year holidays and the Nippon Budokan at the time of the event are crowded with many visitors. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Kudanshita 1
Kudanshita 2
Kudanshita 3
Kudanshita 4
Kudanshita 5
Kudanshita 6
Kudanshita 7
Kudanshita 8
Kudanshita 9
Kudanshita 10
Kudanshita 11
Kudanshita 12
Kudanshita 13
Kudanshita 14
Kudanshita 15
YouTube – Walking Around Kudanshita




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