Walking Around Roppongi 六本木


The garden area of Tokyo Midtown is decorated with flowers of the four seasons and heals the eyes and hearts of visitors. Above all, about 150 cherry trees, including the splendid branching cherry blossoms that have been rooted in this area since the time of the former Defense Agency, line up on Sakura-dori in front of the garden terrace, and in the spring it becomes a tunnel of cherry blossoms. There will also be an outdoor lounge where you can enjoy food and drinks while gazing at the cherry blossoms during the period. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Roppongi 1
Roppongi 2
Roppongi 3
Roppongi 4
Roppongi 5
Roppongi 6
Roppongi 7
Roppongi 8
Roppongi 9
Roppongi 10
Roppongi 11
Roppongi 12




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