Walking Around Kamata 蒲田


Kamata station square is crowded with commercial facilities such as station buildings, as well as arcade shopping streets and bars. There are many restaurants that are cheap and delicious. Both sides of the station are prosperous and I think that shopping is basically completed in front of the station, but when going out, it seems that many people go to Kawasaki, which is one station next to Tokyo, rather than in Tokyo. Kamata is also the birthplace of the handicraft hobby store “Yuzawaya”, and there are three Yuzawaya main stores in front of the station. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Kamata 1
Kamata 2
Kamata 3
Kamata 4
Kamata 5
Kamata 6
Kamata 7
Kamata 8
Kamata 9
YouTube – Walking Around Kamata




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