Walking Around Omotesando – National Stadium 表参道-新国立競技場

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Omotesando is known as a shopping street, and is a collection of roadside stores with world famous brand stores. In 2006, a large commercial facility, Omotesando Hills, opened along Omotesando. On the other hand, the back alley is a quiet residential area, and the area is crowded with up-and-coming select shops and famous beauty salons, making it a popular area for young people. It takes about 20 minutes from Omotesando to the National Stadium, which will be used for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The situation at that time is introduced on the Youtube channel.

Omotesando 1
Omotesando 2
Omotesando 3
National Stadium 1
National Stadium 2
National Stadium <Olympic Museum 1>
National Stadium <Olympic Museum 2>
Youtube – Omotesando-National Stadium




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