Walking Around Tachikawa 立川


Tachikawa is a city where the area around the station is very prosperous. There are various stores such as large commercial facilities and home electronics mass retailers, which are convenient for shopping. Due to the redevelopment, the area around the station has been extensively improved. A futuristic cityscape with a monorail running and a traditional downtown area coexist. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Tachikawa 1
Tachikawa 2
Tachikawa 3
Tachikawa 4
Tachikawa 5
Tachikawa 6
Tachikawa 7
Tachikawa 8
Tachikawa 9
Tachikawa 10
Tachikawa 11
YouTube – Walking Around Tachikawa




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