Walking Around Ichinoe 一之江


The area around Ichinoe Station is a residential area in a downtown area with a graveyard and Japanese mustard spinach. The main street is well maintained and there are new condominiums, but basically there are many detached houses that retain the atmosphere of the Showa era, so it gives the impression of a downtown area. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Ichinoe 1
Ichinoe 2
Ichinoe 3
Ichinoe 4
Ichinoe 5
Ichinoe 6
Ichinoe 7
Ichinoe 8
Ichinoe 9
Ichinoe 10
Ichinoe 11
Ichinoe 12
Ichinoe 13
Ichinoe 14
YouTube – Walking Around Ichinoe




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