Walking Around Daiba 台場


Daiba is a coastal subcenter area where Tokyo is promoting urban development, and is the name of the area around Daiba in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Located in the center of the Tokyo Bay waterfront and easily accessible from the city center. Japan’s number one date and sightseeing spot with various facilities in the best location. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Daiba – 1
Daiba – 2
Daiba – 3
Daiba – 4
Daiba – 5
Daiba – 6
Daiba – 7
Daiba – 8
Daiba – 9
Daiba – 10
Daiba – 11
Daiba – 12
Daiba – 13
Daiba – 14
Daiba – 15
Daiba – 16
Daiba – 17
Daiba – 18
YouTube – Walking Around Daiba




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