Walking Around Soshigaya-Okura 祖師ヶ谷大蔵


Since Soshigaya-Okura had “Tsuburaya Productions”, the creator of Ultraman, it is a place related to Ultraman, which is also called the city of Ultraman, such as the Ultraman shopping street named after Tsuburaya Productions. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping facilities, and the security is good, so it is very convenient in every respect. The situation at that time is introduced on YouTube channel.

Soshigaya-Okura 1
Soshigaya-Okura 2
Soshigaya-Okura 3
Soshigaya-Okura 4
Soshigaya-Okura 5
Soshigaya-Okura 6
YouTube – Walking Around Soshigaya-Okura




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