Walking Around Hachioji 八王子

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Hachioji is a well-maintained town where residential areas and downtown areas are separated. There are many shops including restaurants on the north side of the station, and it is busy at night and on holidays. On the other hand, there is a quiet residential area on the south side of the station, so it is full of a relaxing atmosphere. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Hachioji 1
Hachioji 2
Hachioji 3
Hachioji 4
Hachioji 5
Hachioji 6
Hachioji 7
Hachioji 8
Hachioji 9
Hachioji 10
Hachioji 11
Hachioji 12
Hachioji 13
Hachioji 14
YouTube – Walking Around Hachioji




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