Walking Around Aomono-Yokocho 青物横丁


There are many shopping streets and supermarkets around the station, so it is easier to live in and more lively than other stations along the Keikyu line. In addition, there are many temples, so there is a pleasant tranquility in the bustle. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Aomono-Yokocho 1
Aomono-Yokocho 2
Aomono-Yokocho 3
Aomono-Yokocho 4
Aomono-Yokocho 5
Aomono-Yokocho 6
Aomono-Yokocho 7
Aomono-Yokocho 8
Aomono-Yokocho 9
YouTube – Walking Around Aomono-Yokocho




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