Walking Around Monzen Nakacho 門前仲町

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Monzen Nakacho is prospering as a Monzen town adjacent to Tomioka, which has famous shrines and temples such as Tomioka Hachimangu. Monzen-cho is a town formed around powerful temples and shrines. The activity of the shopping district is active, and it is one of the key points in the Fukagawa area, with the main streets, subways, and departure and arrival points for Toei buses. It is known that many celebrities such as Tadataka Ino lived in the Edo period. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Monzen Nakacho 1
Monzen Nakacho 2
Monzen Nakacho 3
Monzen Nakacho 4
Monzen Nakacho 5
Mozen Nakacho 6
Monzen Nakacho 7

Monzen Nakacho 8
YouTube – Walking Around Monzen Nakacho




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