Waloking Around Ningyocho 人形町


Ningyocho is a commercial area where restaurants and shops are lined up on both sides of Ningyocho Street and around Amazakeyokocho, and it is also an office district as a part of the Nihonbashi area. Recently, the number of dwellings has increased and the population has also increased due to the return of housing to the city center. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Ningyocho 1
Ningyocho 2
Ningyocho 3
Ningyocho 4
Ningyocho 5
Ningyocho 6
Ningyocho 7
Ningyocho 8
Ningyocho 9
Ningyocho 10
YouTube – Walking Around Ningyocho




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