Walking Around Kita-senju 北千住


Kita-senju has a history of prospering as a post town on the Nikko Kaido during the Edo period, and it is a tourist area where historical buildings such as old houses and shrines that can be imagined at that time remain, but in recent years many universities have gathered and young people Has increased, and it has become known as a popular tourist area where you can enjoy art and shopping. Also, probably because there are many young people, cheap and delicious restaurants, izakaya, and fashionable cafes have begun to open, and the number of tourist spots where you can slowly go to play on weekends is increasing. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Kita-senju 1
Kita-senju 2
Kita-senju 3
Kita-senju 4
Kita-senju 5
Kita-senju 6
YouTube – Walking Around Kita-senju




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