Walking Around Akihabara 秋葉原


Akihabara has a strong image of “electric town” and “sacred place for otaku”, and is a tourist town where many people from all over Japan and the world gather. Also, since it is a traditional town that originally developed as a manufacturing town, you can also find unique shops. Under the elevated railway tracks in Akihabara, there are many unique shops selling leather goods, pottery, jewelry, and handmade miscellaneous goods. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Akihabara 1
Akihabara 2
Akihabara 3
Akihabara 4
Akihabara 5
Akihabara 6
Akihabara 7
Akihabara 8
Akihabara 9
Akihabara 10
Akihabara 11
Akihabara 12
Akihabara 13
YouTube – Walking Around Akihabara




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