Walking Around Tateishi 立石

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Tateishi is the location of the Katsushika Ward Office and is the administrative center of Katsushika Ward. Tateishi’s postwar reconstruction was quick, and soon a black market appeared spontaneously in a vacant lot around the station. In addition, a special drinking district called “Tateishi Shinchi” was formed on the north side of Keisei Tateishi Station. As redevelopment progresses, many tastes from the early Showa period still remain. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Tateishi 1
Tateishi 2
Tateishi 3
Tateishi 4
Tateishi 5
Tateishi 6
Tateishi 7
Tateishi 8
YouTube – Walking Around Tateishi




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