Walking Around Minami-senju 南千住

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Minami-senju is one of the key points of logistics that connects the Sumida River boat transportation and the land transportation of the rail freight base, and is the two major factories of “Dainippon Spinning (Nichibo, now Unitika)” and “Kanebo Spinning (Kanebo)” It has also developed as an industrial town where. The stewed offal, which is offered cheaply at many stores, and the Minami-senju-style monjayaki called “Bottara” are known. There is an area called Sanya centering on the Minami-senju station south side of the Minami-senju intersection, and it was once known as a town of workers lined with kichin-yado, and there are still quite a few simple accommodation facilities (commonly known as Doya). The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Minami-senju 1
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YouTube – Walking Around Minami-senju




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