Walking Around Otemachi 大手町 


As the center of the Japanese economy, Otemachi is home to government-affiliated financial institutions, major banks, trading companies, and the head offices of the media, along with Marunouchi, which is adjacent to the south. Recently, the building has deteriorated and redevelopment is active. Previously, this area was in front of the Imperial Palace, and building standards severely restricted the number of floors of buildings. However, it has now been relaxed and skyscrapers are being built, forming one of Japan’s leading office districts with Marunouchi. Due to such characteristics, the difference between the daytime population and the nighttime population is extreme, and because of the office district, there are few houses and the registered resident population is very small at 12 (2017), while the daytime population is about 72,000. It has become. Otemachi Station is relatively close to Tokyo Station, and is a major subway base with five subway lines, the largest number in Japan, including the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Otemachi 1
Otemachi 2
Otemachi 3
Otemachi 4
Otemachi 5
Otemachi 6
YouTube – Walking Around Otemachi




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