Walking Around Futako-Tamagawa 二子玉川


Futako-tamagawa is a fashionable town nicknamed “Nikotama”. Commercial facilities are lined up in the immediate vicinity of the station, and many families and couples shop on holidays. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Futako-Tamagawa 1
Futako-Tamagawa 2
Futako-Tamagawa 3
Futako-Tamagawa 4
Futako-Tamagawa 5
Futako-Tamagawa 6
Futako-Tamagawa 7
Futako-Tamagawa 8
Futako-Tamagawa 9
Futako-Tamagawa 10
Futako-Tamagawa 11
Futako-Tamagawa 12
YouTube – Walking Around Futako-Tamagawa




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