Walking Around Higashi-Ginza 東銀座


At Higashi-Ginza Station, there is Kabuki-za, which was rebuilt in 2013. While the buildings are lined up, the Kabuki-za theater is quite a masterpiece. There are many office buildings around the station, but there are also quite a lot of restaurants. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Higashi-Ginza 1
Higashi-Ginza 2
Higashi-Ginza 3
Higashi-Ginza 4
Higashi-Ginza 5
Higashi-Ginza 6
Higashi-Ginza 7
Higashi-Ginza 8
Higashi-Ginza 9
Higashi-Ginza 10
Higashi-Ginza 11
Higashi-Ginza 12
Higashi-Ginza 13
YouTube – Walking Around Higashi-Ginza




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