Walking Around Shin-Toyosu 新豊洲


Shin-Toyosu Station is a station that opened in 2006. The area around the station is still under development, and high-rise condominiums and housing exhibition halls are being constructed. Entertainment facilities such as teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM.com and Toyosu PIT are also located around the station. The Situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Shin-Toyosu 1
Shin-Toyosu 2
Shin-Toyosu 3
Shin-Toyosu 4
Shin-Toyosu 5
Shin-Toyosu 6
Shin-Toyosu 7
Shin-Toyosu 8
Shin-Toyosu 9
Shin-Toyosu 10
YouTube – Walking Around Shin-Toyosu




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