Walking Around Kachidoki 勝どき


Kachidoki is a city with a slightly mysterious atmosphere, where old-fashioned downtown atmosphere and modern high-rise condominiums that have been redeveloped coexist. At the Tokyo Olympics, the Olympic Village has been built. The situation at that time is intrduced on the YouTube channel.

Kachidoki 1
Kachidoki 2
Kachidoki 3
Kachidoki 4
Kachidoki 5
Kachidoki 6
Kachidoki 7
Kachidoki 8
Kachidoki 9
Kachidoki 10
Kachidoki 11
Kachidoki 12
Kachidoki 13
Kachidoki 14
Kachidoki 15
Kachidoki 16
Kachidoki 17
YouTube – Walking Around Kachidoki




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