Walking Around Musashi-Koyama 武蔵小山


Musashi-Koyama is famous for the longest arcade shopping street in Tokyo, which extends about 800 meters from the station. The lively shopping district is home to restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores, clinics and much more, where you’ll find most of what you need for your daily life. There are almost no slopes around the station, so even elderly people can easily walk. The situation at that time is introduced on the YouTube channel.

Musashi-Koyama 1
Musashi-Koyama 2
Musashi-Koyama 3
Musashi-Koyama 4
Musashi-Koyama 5
Musashi-Koyama 6
Musashi-Koyama 7
Musashi-Koyama 8
Musashi-Koyama 9
Musashi-Koyama 10
Musashi-Koyama 11
YouTube – Walking Around Musashi-Koyama




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